Realtek r8169 Network Driver Connection Packets Dropping

Since I bought my new PC and I’ve had problems with my network card, after troubleshooting I knew that the problem is most of recent PCs shipped with built in Reaktek Ethernet Controller “RTL8111/r8169”
The problem is the r8169 has problems dropping packets. so I installed r8168 instead

first if you have this page fully loaded save it somewhere because the following step will cut-off your connection.
open up a terminal window and do the following steps

1- Remove the old r8169 module if it exists

sudo rmmod r8169

2- move to a temp directory and download the r8168 module

mkdir temp
cd temp

3- uncompress the archive

tar xvf r8168-8.028.00.tar.bz2

4- move to the directory and install the module

cd r8168-8.028.00
sudo ./

5- to prevent the old module from being loaded again you will have to blacklist it, so edit the following file

sudo gedit /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf

6- scroll down and add the following line

blacklist r8169

7- clean the cash

update-initramfs -u

8- verify that the new module has been installed

lsmod | grep r8168

9- remove the temp folder

cd ..
rm -r temp

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