UVA – 10116 – Robot Motion

  • Problem Statement : UVA – 10116 – Robot Motion
  • Type : Simulation, Recursion, DFS
  • Optimization Hint : I used the same board representation as the destination store and visited flagging, assuming that we start with an offset distance OFFSET=256 that will indicate weather the current node is an unvisited node that contains an int within the limit of the char, so we will use the map to get it’s matching array. or it’s a visited node so we subtract the offset getting the absolute distance from the start position.
  • Other Solutions :
#include <iostream>
#include <map>
#include <string.h>
#include <assert.h>
#include <stdio.h>
using namespace std;
#define FOR(ii, i0, in) for((ii)=(i0); (ii)<(in); (ii)++)
#define FOR2d(ii, jj, i0, j0, in, jn) FOR(ii, i0, in) FOR(jj, j0, jn)
#define OFFSET 256
int i, j, I, J,C, Nth[]={-1,+0}, Sth[]={+1,0}, Est[]={0,+1}, Wst[]={0,-1};

map<int, int*> m;
int g[1000][1000];

void go(int y, int x, int d){
	assert(y>=0 && x>=0 && y<I && x<J);

	int y2 = y+m[g[y][x]][0], x2=x+m[g[y][x]][1];	// new co-ordinates
	g[y][x] = d;	// fill with distance, mark as visited; d is always > OFFSET in visited nodes

	if(y2<0 || x2<0 || y2>=I || x2>=J) // Exiting the Board
		printf("%d step(s) to exit\n", d-OFFSET+1);
	else if(g[y2][x2] >= OFFSET) // Visited Node
		printf("%d step(s) before a loop of %d step(s)\n", g[y2][x2] -OFFSET, d - g[y2][x2]+1);
	else go(y2, x2, d+1); // Normal Node

int main() {

	char c;
	m['N'] = Nth, m['S'] = Sth, m['E'] = Est, m['W'] = Wst;
	while((cin >> I >> J >> C) && I){
		memset(g, 0, sizeof g);
		FOR2d(i, j, 0, 0, I, J)
		{cin >> c; g[i][j]=c; }
		go(0, C-1, OFFSET);
	return 0;

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